ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP): A three-day historical photograph and
painting exhibition titled “Pakistan Past & Present” is in full swing here at Awain-i-Quaid.
The event was arranged by Directorate of Electronic Media and Publications (DEMP) in collaboration with Nazriya Pakistan Council (NPC).
Exhibition officer DEMP told APP that more than 200 historic photographs of prominent Pakistan Movement leaders, including Quaid-
i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Muslims migrating from India are
being exhibited.
The exhibition will raise awareness among the youth about the
sacrifices made by their forefathers for the creation of Pakistan,”
he said.
The photographs and paintings sketches prepared by Art and Design Sector of DEMP. The Artists who prepared these photographs and paintings includes Waseem Akhtar, M Iftikhar and Mazhar Alam.
The exhibition would be opened for all the visitors.
The officials of DEMP said that the event would attract a large number of people, adding that students specially invited for the exhibition.