ISLAMABAD, May 26 (APP): The government on Friday
unveiled Rs 2.113 trillion Public Sector Development Programme
(PSDP) for the fiscal year 2017-18.
Following are the salient features of the PSDP (2017-18).

– The PSDP allocations up by 26.14 percent as compared to last
fiscal year.
– Total National PSDP stands at Rs 2113 billion.
– Rs 1001 billion have been allocated for federal departments
– Rs 1112 billion has been allocated for the provinces.
– Rs 35.662 billion allocated for Higher Education Commission.
– Rs48.701 earmarked for National Health Services,Regulations and
Coordination Division.
– Rs18.936 billion set aside for Finance Division.
– Rs 15.666 billion earmarked for Interior Division.
– The government allocated Rs 4.348 billion for Aviation
– Rs 5.188 billion allocated for Capital Administration and
Development Division.
– Rs 1.2 billion set aside for Commerce Division.
– Rs 13.66 billion awarded for Communication Division.
– Rs 4.468 billion allocated for Defence Production.
– Rs 2.961 billion allocated for Federal Education and Professional
Training Division.
– Rs 10.386 billion earmarked for Housing and Works Division.
– Rs 2.737 billion set aside for Industries and Production
– Rs 1.538 billion allocated for Information Technology and Telecom
– Rs 3.044 billion awarded for Inter Provincial Coordination
– Rs 1.2 billion fixed for Law and Justice Division.
– Rs 1.614 billion allocated for National Food Security and Research
– Rs 15.085 allocated for Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission.
– Rs 16.798 billion granted for Planning, Development and Reform
– Rs 12.775 billion earmarked for Ports and Shipping Division.
– Rs 42.9 billion allocated for Railways Division.
– Rs 2.427 billion awarded to Science and Technological Research
– Rs 26.900 allocated for States and Frontier Regions Division.
– Rs 3.5 billion awarded to SUPARCO.
– Rs 36.750 billion earmarked for Water and Power Division (Water
– Rs 60.909 billion have been allocated for WAPDA (Power).
– Rs 30 billion allocated for Prime Minister’s Global
SDGs Achievement Programme.
– Rs 40 billion earmarked for Special Federal Development Programme.
– Rs 12.5 billion earmarked for Energy for All project.
– Rs 7.5 billion awarded to ERRA.
– Rs 5 billion set aside for Special Provision for Completion of
CPEC Projects.
– Rs 45 billion allocated for Relief and Rehabilitation of IDPs.
– Rs 45 billion awarded to Security Enhancement.
– Rs 20 billion allocated for Prime Minister’s Youth Initiative.
– Rs 25 billion set aside for Gas Infrastructure Development Cess.
– Rs 43.644 have been earmarked for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit
Baltistan Division.
– Rs 159 million allocated for Cabinet Division.
– Rs 815 million awarded to Climate Change Division.
– Rs 535 million allocated for Defence Division.
– Rs 270 million earmarked for Establishment Division.
– Rs 200 million allocated for Foreign Affairs Division.
– Rs 306 million fixed for Human Rights Division.
– Rs 811 million allocated for Information and Broadcasting
– Rs 220 million earmarked for Narcotics Control Division.
– Rs 272 million awarded to National History and Literary Heritage
– Rs 100 million have been allocated for National Security Division.
– Rs 321 million allocated for Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory
– Rs 554 billion set aside for Petroleum and Natural Resources
– Rs 790 million have been allocated for Revenue Division.
– Rs 200 million awarded to Statistics Division.
– Rs 217 million fixed for Textile Industry Division.