HEC launches online degree verification system


ISLAMABAD, Jun 5 (APP): The Higher Education Commission (HEC)
has launched the online degree verification system to facilitate the
male, female students and others across the country.
According to an official of the HEC here Tuesday, now the
applicants through online system will get rid of long ques in the
country-wide offices of HEC.
The official told APP, that HEC by launching new verification
system, has provided more simple access to the students to verify
their degrees.
He said the students have to provide the information of their
educational degrees, religion, district, institution on verification
form, posted on the E-Portal of HEC website.
After that, he said the scan documents would be uploaded which
will be scrutinised by HEC and the students would be asked to
deposit fee.
After this procedure, he said HEC will set a meeting with the
concerned persons in which the applicants have to provide a hard
copy of their documents adding, on the same day the verified degrees
would be returned.
According to the official, if any person who can not visited
HEC personally, he could send documents through courier service.
Online degree verification system will save the time of the
people, he added.