Hajj arrangements guidelines incorporated in 2014 policy: Senate told

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ISLAMABAD, March 21 (APP): Minister for Religious and Inter-faith Harmony Sardar Muhammad Yousaf on Tuesday said that guidelines for Hajj arrangements were incorporated in the Hajj Policy 2014.
During the Question Hour in the Senate, the minister said the arrangements, including hiring of buildings for providing accommodation to Hujjaj (pilgrims) as well as transportation and other facilities during Hajj.
He said every Hajj Group Organizer (HGO) was bound to sign a Service
Provider Agreement (SPA) with the Ministry. The SPA inter alia, included that HGO would not receive any extra amount in the name of security or guarantee etc from the Hujjaj, he added.
Sardar Yousaf said in case of violation, the ministry would take severe action like suspension of quota, against the HGO.
He said that in pursuance of suo moto Hajj corruption case 2010, the requisite record available with the ministry was accordingly provided to the Supreme Court as well as the prosecuting agency.
He said the ministry had also coordinated and cooperated with the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) in an efficient manner to prosecute the case.
The minister said the FIA had submitted a report wherein it was
identified that 33 HGOs had overcharged Rs 5,000 from Hujjaj in 2010. Accordingly, the ministry directed the HGOs to refund Rs 5,000 to
the Hujjaj and latter complied with the directive and the FIA had also issued them clearance certificates, he added.