Guangzhou to replace all buses with ‘new energy’ vehicles by 2020


BEIJING, July 1 (APP): Guangzhou, the southern Chinese city, will begin
replacing thousands of petrol-powered public buses with greener, more energy-efficient vehicles by the year 2020.
According to the new plan, all buses that use petrol and diesel will be
replaced with pure electric buses, meaning Guangzhou will have about 30,000 new energy public vehicles including buses and taxis by 2020.
To attract individual consumers of electric cars, Guangzhou also plans
to lower electric vehicles prices, reduce maintenance costs and build more charging stations. More than 120,000 individual electric cars are expected to be on the streets in the city by 2020.
According to the new measures, the number of parking spaces with
electric car chargers is no less than 30 percent of the total parking seats in new office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants. The city plans 100,000 charging piles by 2020.