GU Tech founder meets Pakistani Ambassador in Oman


ISLAMABAD, Jul 17 (APP): Pakistan’s Ambassador to Oman, Ali Javed, met
with GU Tech founder Professor Michael Jensen, who has more than 40 years of dedication to the Indus Valley.
Appreciating the Professor’s services for Pakistan spanning five
decades, the ambassador admired his passion for preserving, protecting and projecting Indus Valley and Gandhara Civilizations, said a message received here from Muscat on Monday.
He also praised the Professor for establishing `Mohen-jo Daro Research
Center’ at GU Tech (2012) which the Ambassador visited subsequently and also met with Rector and Vice Rector of GU Tech in an hour-long session focusing on bilateral cooperation between GU Tech and partners in Pakistan.
Professor Jansen is associated with Pakistan since 1970 and holds Ph.D on `Studies
on Architecture of Indus Valley Civilization’ (1979). He founded GU Tech Muscat in 2005
and established `Mohen-jo Daro Research Center’ at the University.
Jansen has authored numerous books including `Mohen-jo Daro’ which he presented
to the Ambassador. He was conferred National Award of `Sitara-e-Imtiaz” (Star of
Distinction) by President of Pakistan in 1987.
Having already curated UNESCO In’tl Exhibition on “Forgotten Cities on Indus”
(1987), Prof Jensen served as Chief Curator UNESCO Exhibition for “Pakistan Gandhara
Art’ (2008) through Europe, UNESCO Panel Exhibition, “Mohen-jo Daro” (Paris 2010),
headed UNESCO’s Technical Committee on Mohen-jo Daro (2009).
Professor Jansen shared his vision to globally project Gandhara and Indus Valley
Civilizations as powerhouses of Pakistan’s soft-power with global appeal.