Masood urges Pakistani people play role to protect Kashmiris from Indian atrocities

WASHINGTON, Sept 25 (APP): Pakistan’s clear stance on Kashmir has convinced the world leaders that the long standing dispute poses a grave danger to the world peace and must be resolved, AJK President Masood Khan has said praising Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for presenting
the strongest ever case for the Kashmiri people at the United Nations.

In an exclusive interview with APP, the AJK President said that the Obama administration and the United Nations were alarmed by the growing tension between Pakistan and India over the issue of Kashmir and wanted to see an early resolution to the lingering dispute.

“There is now a realization that the Kashmir issue cannot be put to back burner anymore and has to be resolved. This is not our success, this is the success of the people of Kashmir who continue to raise the slogan of freedom in spite of reign of terror unleashed by the Indian government,” Khan said.

He said since taking over the charge, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had adopted a principled stand on Kashmir but his speech to the United Nations this week was the most effective narration on the dispute that had sent a clear message to the world community about the danger to the world peace,

if the issue was not resolved in accordance with the wishes of the Kashmir people.

“The Prime Minister held out an unequivocal assurance to the Kashmiri people that Pakistani nation fully share their pain and will never stop from extending their moral, political and diplomatic support to their just cause.”

He said that the Prime Minister also sent a clear message that India would not succeed in suppressing the freedom struggle with its brutal tactics, and the only way to resolve the issue was through dialogue.

Khan said that acting as a statesman and as a leader of a nuclear nation, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had shown political sagacity and had not just presented facts from the point of view of Pakistan and the Kashmiri people, but had spoken in the context of regional and world peace.

The Prime Minister had made it clear that Pakistan’s offer for
dialogue should not be construed as a sign of weakness but as a genuine desire for the regional peace and stability, he added. “He made it clear that dialogue was no favour to Pakistan but an offer to address common concern.”

The AJK President said the Prime Minister brought to fore the fact that it was the failure of the United Nations that the Kashmir dispute had not been resolved in spite of UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir.

Speaking on the situation in the Indian held Kashmir, Khan said India’s suppressive activities and brutalities in the held valley were nothing new. “What new this time is that they have crossed all limits of cruelties. They have killed innocent people and rendered thousands others crippled and at the risk of losing their eyesight.”

Indian troops have used pellet guns directly at protesters,
including women and children, and hundreds of people are visiting hospital daily for eye treatment.

Khan said people were now on street demanding freedom from Indian yoke and want their children to become Burhan Wani, a young Kashmiri freedom fighter whose killing in July has triggered the most serious revolt against the Indian occupation in the held valley.

He said nearly 4,000 women gathered at the site where Wani was martyred to celebrate Pakistan Day. Children and teenagers wearing white and green clothes representing the Pakistan flag marched on the road and there were thousands others just to applaud them.

The Prime Minister’s speech was not just a high point in the
ongoing dispute, it was also a starting point towards the ultimate solution to the Kashmir dispute, the AJK President said.