Green card holders to get reprieve from US travel ban in new Trump order


WASHINGTON, March 6 (APP): A new executive order likely to be signed by President Trump on Monday will exempt Green card holders from the travel ban imposed on citizens from seven Muslim countries to travel to the United States.
According to the media reports, the new travel ban executive order will be unveiled today amid the heightened concerns among the undocumented immigrants who are facing the prospects of being thrown out of the country under the new immigration stricter measures.
The previous executive order drew widespread criticism and was challenged by several States leading to a stay order by a federal court. The new order is aimed at withstanding legal challenges by exempting permanent legal residents and will be applied only to future visa seekers. Those already holding US visas will also be exempted.
The proposed order will ease suffering for lot of those with Green cards and US visas who had been stuck in their countries after the ban was imposed. According to a new report, 746 travelers were “detained or processed” under the travel ban imposed in January.
The seven countries whose citizens face ban under the previous order include Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia, Iran, Libya and Iraq, however a news report quoting sources said that the new order will not have “blanket ban” on Iraq.
The removal of Iraq from the list was pressured by the Pentagon and the US State Department which, according to the report, feared that the ban could hurt US fight against ISIS in that country, which is seen a stronghold of the militant group.
A news report also said that the new provision on refugees has been changed and now puts  temporary halt on all refugees entering the United States as opposed to the previous order which included a 120-day stoppage on all refugees except Syrians, who would have been banned indefinitely.
The White House has been planning the new order since the first one was shut down by a Seattle court, in a decision upheld by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco.
The text of the new travel ban has not been released — and Monday’s expected signing is still not on the president’s public schedule, according to a report.