Govt undertakes wind, solar power projects to overcome loadshedding


ISLAMABAD, June 6 (APP): The federal government has undertaken
different wind and solar power projects to overcome loadshedding.
According to official sources, 24 wind power projects having
a cumulative capacity of 1397.6 megawatts are at different stages of
development and operation.
Eight projects with a cumulative capacity of 445 MW have
achieved financial close and are under construction and expected to
be completed within 2018.
These are Hydro China Dawood Power Pvt Ltd (49.5 MW),
Sachal Energy Development Pvt Ltd (49.5 MW), United Energy
Pakistan Pvt Ltd (99 MW), Jhampir Wind Power Limited (49.6 MW),
Hawa Energy Pvt Ltd (50 MW), Hartford Alternative Energy
Pvt Ltd (49.3 MW), Three Gorges Second Wind Farm Pvt
Ltd (49.5 MW) and Three Gorges Third Wind Farm Pvt Ltd (49.5
Further, four wind power projects with a cumulative capacity
of 197.1 MW have been issued Letters of Support and are expected to
achieve financial closeg during 2017.
Till now, twelve wind power projects of 590.5 MW
cumulative capacity have achieved commercial operation and are
supplying electricity to national grid.
Five wind power projects by Yunus Energy Ltd (50 MW), Metro
Power Company Ltd (50 MW), Tapal Wind Energy Pvt Ltd (30 MW),
Master Wind Energy Pvt Ltd (528 MW) and Gul Wind Energy Ltd (50
MW) at Jhampir and Tenaga Generasi Ltd (49.5 MW) situated at Gharo
are in operation.
While four solar projects (100 MW each) named
Quaid-e-Azam Solar Park, Bahawalpur with different IPPs with
cumulative capacity of 400 MW are operational. Out of four, three
were completed in August 2016.
Seven IPPs with a cumulative capacity of 72.52 MW have
obtained Letter of Support (LoS) from AEDB and are in the process
of achieving financial closing of their projects while seventeen
solar power projects of 484 MW cumulative capacity have obtained
Letter of Intent (LOI) from AEDB and are at different stages of
project development and will be completed during 2018-19.