Pakistan becomes signatory to OECD Convention in tax matters

ISLAMABAD, Aug 22 (APP): Minister for Finance, Revenue and Economic Affairs Senator Ishaq Dar on Monday said the federal and provincial governments would initiate action as per law against the perpetrators of Karachi incident.

“The details I have seen about the acts of violence
manifest that it was like an attack against the state of Pakistan and both the federal and provincial governments will take action against the perpetrators under the law,” he said talking in a private news channel programme.

Dar said it was a matter of Pakistan and all the parties
would have to keep their differences aside to protect its solidarity and integrity.

He said a government could pursue the policy of reconciliation for the betterment of the country but no compromise could be made when it was the matter of national integrity and solidarity. “We have to protect our institutions, the Parliament and the democracy and wherever anything unlawful and unconstitutional is committed, action will be taken.”

The minister said the government was making serious efforts to resolve the issue. He had contacted the Prime Minister last night and it was decided to send the Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage to approach the MQM leaders, who reached Karachi on Monday.

“At around 4pm the Information Minister talked to me
about progress on the meeting and situation was normal by the time,” he said. “But, I am puzzled as to what happened within next two hours that the people indulged in attacking the media houses. The government did not desire that anybody could have suffered any serious ailment due to hunger strike.”

The minister said he doubted the state of mind of those
people who could order such attack and poise to create chaos.

Peaceful protest keeping within the limits of law was
everybody’s right but taking law into hands could not be tolerated, he added.

“Our efforts were also on humanitarian grounds after Dr
Farooq Sattar told me about ailment of two protesters. The Prime Minister immediately decided to contact them. The matter was heading in the right direction and we have also assured them to arrange their meeting with the Prime Minister on Thursday. But, all of a sudden some actors ruined this process and situation totally turned around,” he explained.

He said the Interior Ministry was already playing an active
role in maintaining peace in Karachi and would be moving forward to ensure action under the law where needed.

Answering a question, Ishaq Dar said the Interior Ministry
was also in contact with the British government on a number of issues.

He described the Karachi incident as a conspiracy against
Pakistan as the whole world was predicting it as an emerging economy as investors were coming to the country after start of China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

“Our enemies do not want to see us progressing and this action also raises doubts that some people have been trapped by these anti Pakistan forces.”

He said there was no doubt that the federal and provincial
governments would fulfill their duties. “We have nothing to do with minus one formula or such other formulas. Our main concern is security and progress of our country. Whatever provisions of the law have to be applied, we shall apply.”

He said both the federal and provincial governments would
coordinate and initiate an action and whatever the law had been violated the sections concerned would be applied. “I know the contents and give an assurance that a first information report will be registered and relevant sections of the law shall be invoked.”