Govt to establish two teachers training institutes in capital:Baligh

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ISLAMABAD, May 5 (APP): Minister of Education, Muhammad Baligh
ur Rehman on Friday said the government was in the process of
establishing two teachers training institutes in the capital; one
for conventional education and other for non-formal education and
adult literacy .
Speaking as Chief Guest at 21st Convocation Ceremony of
Bilqees Postgraduate College for Women, Pakistan Air Force (PAF) Nur
Khan, he said that education sector was among top priorities of the
government and has seen historic increase in the amount of public
spending in our tenure.
The minister congratulated the students on their achievements
and advised them to develop habit of achieving excellence in
whatever they do; whether it concerns their personal or professional
“You must all strive for continuous improvement in your life
and adopt perseverance to achieve your goals; patience and
consistency will earn you sustainable positive outcomes”, he said.
He also advised students to keep away from negativity in life
and approach hurdles and challenges through positive attitude.
“Every one of us has challenges and difficulties in life but
only those who are optimistic embark on a progressive path and excel
in their career”, Minister said.
Highlighting the importance of education for females, he said
that educating women folk was equivalent to educating the entire
On government’s achievements, the minister said that when PML
(N) took power in 2013, international media, observers, economic
journals and rating agencies had declared Pakistan one of the most
unfavorable and business unfriendly countries.
“Terrorism incidents were on the rise, industries were
shifting their premises abroad, extended hours of load shedding had
become routine; now, after 4 years, we see record number of new
businesses being registered in the country; load shedding has ended
for industrial consumers and would soon be eliminated totally”, he
“Through the sacrifices of our armed forces peace has been
restored and terrorists were on the run; now all think tanks and
international observers were talking about a rising and
economically strong Pakistan”,he said.
The minister said CPEC was the largest investment partnership
project between any two countries in the world and would benefit the
nation’s youth with abundant career opportunities.
Minister further said that the tax-to-GDP ratio of the country
has also risen considerably, providing the fiscal space for further
development and spending on education and health.
“Over the past three years rate of enrollment in schools has
increased phenomenally and infrastructure facilities have also
improved” he said.
He said that government was placing great emphasis on higher
education and research and their tenure has seen the budget for
higher education institutions more than doubled from Rs 41 bn to Rs.
92 bn.
The teachers training institute for non-formal education and
adult literacy was planned to be built in collaboration with UNESCO
and would serve the entire region.
Bilqees Postgraduate College for Women was imparting teachers
training and general education at Masters and M. Phil level under
the patronage of Pakistan Air Force Women’s Association (PAFWA).
The college was established in 1984 initially as a teacher
training institution but over the years has expanded itself to offer
other general education programmes for women as well.