Govt to continue to patronise study of science & technology : President

APP09-14 ISLAMABAD: November 14 – President Mamnoon Hussain addressing the inaugural Session of 5th International Conference on Aerospace Science & Engineering at the Institute of Space Technology. APP

ISLAMABAD, Nov 14 (APP):President Mamnoon Hussain Tuesday said the Government accorded high priority to the study of science and technology and despite limited resources, it would continue to patronise this vital area for a brighter future of the country.
Addressing at 5th International Conference on Aerospace Science & Engineering here at Institute of Space Technology, the President said scientists had taken mankind into space from the ages of stone and bronze and owing to hard work of such talented people, mankind today had stepped into the virtual life through cyber technology.
The President said the list of human conquests was getting lengthier with the unfolding of mysteries of this universe.
He mentioned the philosophy of Poet of the East, Allama Iqbal which pointed out that the journey of completion
of this unfinished universe was still long and researchers and scientists had much yet to understand its secrets and
The President said research was not only an educational field but a way of life and urged the sincere and determined scientists of the country to take up the challenges of the new industrial era.
He expressed satisfaction that Institute of Space Technology (IST) and other national institutions of space research were working on these grounds.
He mentioned that launch of the country’s first satellite ‘Badr-1’ for space exploration in 1990 to ‘CubeSat’ in
2013 were part of the same process.

The President said the country’s educational and research institutions had demonstrated remarkable performance
in these matters.
He said fourth position of IST in the ranking of national universities, establishment of various Centres of Excellence
in different fields of space research and their excellent performance, were testament to this fact.

President Mamnoon expressed the confidence that the projects, being initiated with the cooperation of other countries and institutions would also be successful and the country’s hardworking and intelligent scientists would succeed in these ventures.
President Mamnoon said over the last two decades, the field of space research had witnessed unprecedented development and not only few particular developed countries of the world but also some of Pakistan’s neighbours had
also made great strides in this area.

He said with the beginning of the age of cyber technology, rapid progress was also occurring not only in routine life
but also in business practices and modes of communication.

He emphasized that institutions including IST and SUPARCO should broaden the scope of their research projects and
endeavor to find answers to new questions arising in different sectors.

The President said he was aware of the achievements of the last generation of Pakistani scientists as well as of the
eminent researchers of this era and believed that with the blessings of Allah Almighty and by dint of their hard work,
they could achieve great accomplishments in these matters.
He said the country’s limited resources had always factored in our educational and research activities but it
was also a fact that despite lack of resources, successive governments had always generously patronized this

The President said it was heartening that IST and other educational institutions enjoyed active and healthy liaison
with the world’s leading space exploration institutions.

He said the success of this international conference and educational activities on space research were evident
of the fact that Pakistan’s position was going to become prominent on the educational map of the world.

He said when a nation’s scientists and researchers reach this stage of excellence on the basis of their devotion and
hard work, then shortage of resources never become an impediment in their path.

He hoped that the conference would provide opportunities to learn from each other’s knowledge and experiences and
would also succeed in opening up new avenues of knowledge through serious deliberations and educational debate.

Lieutenant Gen Sarfraz Sattar, Director General, Strategic Plans Division, Maj. Gen. Qaiser Anis Khurram, Chairman
SUPARCO and Eng. Imran Rahman, Vice Chancellor, Institute of Space Technology were present.
Vice Chancellor Engineer Imran Rehman said development in science and technology and a nation’s progress
were closely linked, adding Pakistani scientists were working hard to meet the challenges, particularly in the area
of space technology.
He mentioned the successful launch of a satellite by the students of the Institute of Space Technology and said
work was underway on several new project’s. He said one of the projects deals with monitoring of the air quality
, and low cost weather stations.
The Technical Chair and Dean of the IST Dr Iqbal Masood said scientists, academicians and researchers from
16 countries were attending the conference that would discuss ten sub-themes in 65 different events over next
three days.
The President later visited an exhibition of indigenously produced equipment and parts used in various space research and development projects and appreciated the quality.