Govt, private sector partnership to improve health, education facilities: Marriyum

APP73-06 ISLAMABAD: April 06 – Minister of State for IB and NH Marriyum Aurangzeb addressing at a Ceremony in connection with World Health Day. APP


ISLAMABAD, April 6 (APP): State Minister for Information,
Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb Thursday said
that the government in partnership with private sector had taken
myriad of measures to raise standards of health and education
facilities for the people.
She was speaking at an event organized to mark
World Health Day here at Shifa International Hospital.
Theme of the day was “Depression – Let’s Talk.” The
minister said that the government could not do everything on its
own and needed assistance of private sector to achieve economic
growth and to improve facilities in the
domain of health, education and infrastructure.
Marriyum underlined the need for strong public private
partnership to overcome challenges in health sector. She
said, “Pakistan cannot move ahead without a healthy population.
Progress of Pakistan is linked to youth which is healthy and
eats nutritious food.”
She said that access to health, prevention and treatment
were important components of a comprehensive
health programme. Pakistan was faced with the problem of
malnutrition and stunting among children which
caused irreversible brain and physical deficiency, she noted.
Minister of state observed that people had stopped eating
organic and pure diet and opted for unsafe products. The government
had been taking measures to address issues of malnutrition,
she added.
Marriyum said that Pakistanis were a resilient
nation and remained steadfast in an environment of conflict
and terrorism for 35 years. She said that people of Pakistan
were so fearless that they rushed to help victims
immediately after bomb blasts whereas in similar incidents in
Europe, the people stayed away from public places for months.
She observed that there was a time when unit of family and
traditional values were intact and members of a family supported
each other and whole neighbor-hood took care of children living in the community. Then things changed and one of the problems was
that excessive use of electronic gadgets
kept children away from emotional and human contact, she
She said mental health was closely linked to strong family
bonds and traditional values. The minister urged media to play its
role to make people aware about benefits of traditional way of
family life and healthy eating habits as it was step towards
creating a society where people were strong both
mentally and physically.
She remarked “This is the path to get
rid of diseases afflicting the body and mind.”
She said that Prime Minister’s Healthcare Programme
was the largest in Asia which had brought together public and
private sector to provide medical facilities to the vulnerable
sections of society. Prime Minister’s
Education Reforms Programme would bring changes in curriculum to
teach youth about civic values and character building, she added.
Marriyum commended efforts of Shifa Hospital to educate
people about healthy lifestyles and preventive measures to
ward off diseases like depression. The minister gave away
shields to prominent cooking expert Dr
Kokab Khawaja, art teacher Farah Mehmood and others for judging
cooking and poster making competitions.
Earlier prizes were given to winners of the cooking and
poster Competition Chief Executive Officer Dr Manzoor H Qazi
and Chief Operating Officer Aziz Jan and other medical
professionals of Shifa Hospital talked about ways to fight
off depression and leading a life filled with happiness.