Govt prepared Inquiry Act 2016 as per SC direction: Zubair

PM desires to see Karachi back to 'city of lights', says Governor Sindh

ISLAMABAD, Sep 2 (APP): State Minister for Privatization
Muhammad Zubair Friday said Pakistan Commissions of Inquiry Act 2016 presented to Parliament by the government has been prepared in light of the direction of Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Talking to a private news channel, he said in response of a
application submitted by the government to form a Judicial
Commission on Panama Papers, the apex court had observed that 1956 Act was ‘toothless’.

He said the government has now prepared Inquiry Act 2016
that would help in seeking permanent solution to existing issues and provide ground for future inquiries.

The Minister rejected allegation of the opposition that the
government had presented the Act in response to their bill
presented to the Senate.

Such Act can not be prepared over night and the government had prepared this Act after proper work, he added.

Muhammad Zubair said the government was determined to
resolve the issue of Panama papers once for all and wanted to avoid recurrence of any such issue in future.

He said, it was common practice in the world that if any
issue surfaces it is dealt as per existing laws and owning a
declared offshore company was not illegal under Pakistani laws.

The Minister said, Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has been
taking action after the Panama papers report was published.
He said opposition parties were not sincere to resolve the
matter of Panama Papers and was politicking on it.

Answering a question, he said, all political parties are on
same page for action against terrorists and the ongoing operation has achieved significant successes.

“War against terrorism is prime focus of the government and
the Prime Minister holds frequent meetings to evaluate progress in this operation,” he said.

Zubair said, failure or success of the operation can be
gauged from the number of terrorist incidents and steps taken and these incidents have slashed significantly as compared to 2013.

He said after their defeat at their strongholds, now they
are targeting soft targets like public places.

When asked whether the politics was dominating the war
against terrorism, he said, when people will confront the
government through rallies and protests then a political move will have to be countered politically. “And if in such a situation, politics dominates, it is not our fault.”

He criticized those opposition parties who had decided to
taking to roads and said how proper service delivery would be possible when a political party is ferrying people from KPK to Punjab for protests instead of focusing its province and applying balm to wounds of terrorist hit people.