Govt not protecting criminals: Balighur Rehman

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ISLAMABAD, June 9 (APP): Minister of State for Interior and
Narcotics Control Balighur Rehman Friday informed the National
Assembly that the government would never protect any criminal as no
one was above the law.
Responding to point raised by leader of the opposition, Syed
Khursheed Ahmed Shah, the minister said the person who scuffled with
member of the House Sheikh Rashid Ahmad was not only be taken into
custody immediately but FIR has also been registered.
Brushing aside any preferential treatment, the minister said
the person was kept in lock up of police station and today was
produced before the court as per the law. No preferential treatment
was given to the persons, he added.
He said the Presiding Officer immediately gave ruling to arrest the
person soon after bringing the incident into his knowledge.
Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan himself visited the
Awami Muslim League Chief and took immediate notice of the incident.
Balighur Rehman said the leader of the opposition always
talked about the rights of parliamentarians.
Many peoples took selfies and photographs with us and other parliamentarians in various functions, he said.
The minister said PML-N government has full confidence in the
judiciary and the Prime Minister presented himself and his family
first for accountability despite the fact that Panama papers have
around 250 others Pakistanis.
He said the PM’s children were regularly appearing before the
Joint Investigation Team.
Meanwhile, Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi on point of
self-explanation categorically denied the allegation that entry pass
to the person was issued by his office after the incident.
“This I say on oath, if the allegation of issuing pass after the
scuffled is proved, I will resign,” he asserted.
He said that he has great regard for the leader of the
opposition adding that all members of this august house were equal
to him.
Earlier, the Opposition Leader, Khursheed Ahmed Shah again raised
the scuffle-issue of a person with Awami Muslim League (AML) chief,
Sheikh Rashid Ahmed and question that how that person had entered
into the premises of the parliament.
He said that according to initial inquiries, the pass for the
said person was issued form the Deputy Speaker’s office so this
needed to be clarified.
He said that since it was attack on parliament so we stand
united with our colleague, no matter what party he belongs to.
Khursheed Shah claimed that the person was released soon after the
arrest which was matter of concern.
It is pertinent to mention here that reportedly a man on
Thursday intercepted AML Chief Sheikh Rashid Ahmed at Parliament
House entrance and demanded payment of loan, which he claimed Sheikh
Rashid had taken from him some years ago.
The Leader of the opposition said that great sacrifices were
made to restore the dignity of this parliament, so we must not
choose a path that would again lead to compromising its dignity.
Talking about the Qatar issue, the Opposition leader also
urged the government to work for the unity of Muslim Ummah by making
reconciliation efforts between the conflicting parties.
He said that Pakistan was enjoying deep and cordial relations
with Saudia Arabia while Qatar and Iran were also Muslim countries.
So instead of supporting any conflicting party, we must support
`Muslim World’ by bringing the conflicting parties together.
He said that Israel as well as US were making efforts to
create anarchy among Muslim countries to serve their own interests.