Govt making efforts to transform country into welfare state: Zubair

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KARACHI, June 11 (APP): Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair on Sunday said the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government was making all-out efforts to turn the country into a welfare state through series of measures adopted for socio-economic reforms.
Addressing a Iftar-dinner held at Darul Uloom Qamarul Islam, he said restoration of peace in Karachi, the economic hub of the country, coupled with improved law and order situation in other parts of the country were reflective of improved working conditions.
“The atmosphere is positive for investors as well as all relevant stakeholders, who can help acquire economic empowerment for the country on strong lines,” he said.
The governor said equal responsibility lay upon religious scholars and preachers to create harmony among the people as Islam taught tolerance and respect for all human beings.
“It is through compliance to Islamic injunctions that we can help end discrimination and achieve tranquility,” he added.
All this, he stressed, was needed for establishment of a welfare state paving way for promotion and development of all its people without and distinction.
The governor said the government had also initiated series of programmes for the poor and marginalized sections of the society.
“Economic empowerment is crucial for poverty alleviation and this finally leads to formation of a social welfare state,” he said.
The Sindh Governor said impact of Prime Minister’s prudent economic policy was hugely registered in Karachi and that people from all walks of life must play their role to further streamline the situation.
Pir Syed Muhammad Athar Shah, Principal of Darul Uloom Qamarul Islam briefed the governor about the school and the courses offered to more than 2500 students currently registered with it.
He said that alongwith religious education students were also being imparted training in different skills, with equal attention on science and technology, to help them emerge as qualified professional.
Pir Syed Azmat Ali Hamdani, Pir Syed Muhammad Azhar Shah along with other religious teachers and students were also present on the occasion.