Govt issue red warrants to pursue cases against Altaf: Musadik


ISLAMABAD, Feb 7 (APP): Spokesman to the Prime Minister Dr Musadik Malik Tuesday said Pakistan government issued red warrants of Altaf Hussian, by using international legal right to persue cases against him.
Talking to a private news channel, he said that Altaf Hussain had been facing number of cases in Britain and Pakistan.
He said cases filed against him of money laundering and murder in United Kingdom, has to be proceeded as per British law.
Musadik Malik said Pakistan government has provided all required support and information to the UK government regarding these cases, which was not provided in the past.
As Altaf Hussain was British national, Pakistan government using international legal option, has issued red warrants of Altaf Hussain to peruse cases filed against him in Pakistan, he said.
He said a number of cases have been registered against Altaf Hussain in Pakistan including provoking speeches.
The government of Pakistan was acting as per law on various cases against Altaf Hussain and would continue pursuing by using all legal means, he said.
He said it was right of the government to persue cases against Altaf Hussain while he also reserved the right to defend himself.
Dr Musadik said that immense successes have been achieved under National Action Plan (NAP) in elimination of terrorism and extremism in the country.