Govt is committed to provide health facilities to all citizen : Ayaz

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 3 (APP): Speaker National Assembly Sardar Ayaz Sadiq
has said that thousands of precious lives are lost every year from breast cancer because of mere ignorance.
Breast Cancer is the only cancer if diagnosed at early stage
chances of survival are more than 90 percent.
He further said that we will extend full support to the “Pink
Ribbon” for creating early detection and ensuring saving lives.
He said this in his message on the awareness campaign of “Pink
Ribbon” being commemorated in October, said a press release on
The Speaker said that the pink ribbon is an international
symbol of breast cancer awareness. For this purpose, Parliament
House was illuminated by pink lights in support of Pink Ribbon.
This illumination is a part of national breast cancer
awareness drive which started from Oct and continue till Oct 31.
At the parliament house building; the illumination will last
for three days.
During these three days, Speaker national assembly and other
parliamentarian will also express their concerns over this extremely
dominant health issue among Pakistani women.
Sardar Ayaz Sadiq said that Pakistan has the highest rate of
breast cancer for any Asian population in the world. It is the most
frequent malignancy in women, and accounts for 38.5 percent of all
female cancers which is 90,000 new cases every year.
About half (43.7%) of all breast cancers are locally advanced
accounting to 40,000 deaths per year.
He said that as per the new statistics, almost 10.2 million
Pakistani women are at high risk of getting breast cancer in their
life span. These alarming statistics require serious concerns of every
citizen of the country.
Chief Executive Officer Pink Ribbon Omer Aftab said this
is a very significant and historical moment in the fight against
breast cancer in Pakistan. Involvement of such sanctified institute
has provided hope to thousands of breast cancer patients in
Pink Ribbon has proposed establishment of
five major breast cancer hospitals in all provincial capitals of
Pakistan.This is not just merely a proposal as with the support of
public philanthropists we have already started the construction of
Pakistan’s first dedicated breast cancer hospital in Lahore.