Govt focusing on achieving MDGs: Sheikh

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ISLAMABAD, Apr 17 (APP): Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Sheikh
Aftab on Monday informed the Senate that the government is making efforts
to achieve Millennium Development Goals and Sustainable Development Goals.
Responding to a motion by Senator Ateeq Sheikh, the minister said,
the government is spending Rs 38 billion on different programs related to food security, health and quality treatment at affordable prices.
He said water, health and food scarcity are global issues and
Pakistan is among the countries where people lack these facilities in
remote areas. Therefore, the initiatives for remote areas are also being taken to facilitate poor masses.
The minister said due to policies of the government now enrollment at
schools had increased and more health facilities are being ensured.
Senator Ateeq Sheikh had demanded from the government to formulate
policies that ensure a secure future for our coming generation.
The House also adopted a resolution moved by Senator Sirajul Haq
urging the government to take effective steps to control the indecent
and vulgar material on electronic and print media and on the web.
The House also adopted a resolution moved by Senator Mohsin Aziz
recommending to the government to take steps to promote celebrations of traditional Islamic religious festivals and days of religious
significance in the schools and educational institutions to mark the religious outlook of our society.