Govt ensuring principles of transparency for socio-economic development of country

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ISLAMABAD, July 27 (APP): Minister for Finance Senator Muhammad Ishaq Dar Thursday expressed the government’s firm commitmentfor ensuring the principles of transparency, good governance and openness for socio-economic development of the country.
Addressing the ‘National workshop on open government
partnership and national action plan’, he said several steps
had been taken to bring transparency, ensure good governance and openness in the government policies.
In order to implement the open government partnership
initiatives as well as to formulate a national action plan, the
Economic Affairs Division had also organized workshops and seminars to create awareness among the stakeholders.
He said in order to bring transparency, the government
had also signed unilateral and multilateral convention for
eradicating the menace of corruption, malmanagement and tax evasion.
After the continued struggle for two years and by fulfilling
the international set criteria and introducing the internal reforms, Pakistan had become the 104th member of Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.
He said the multilateral convention on administrative assistance in tax matters was aimed at curbing growing tax evasion and encouraging the tax compliance culture across the board.
Besides, he said after a long negotiations of three
years, Pakistan had signed a unilateral treaty with Switzerland for sharing the tax information in order to bring transparency and plugging the tax evasion.
The finance minister said the government had also initiated steps for implementing the international conventions for anti-bribery for eradicating the menace of corruption from the country.
The corrective measures of transparency, openness and fiscal discipline had started bearing the dividend for national economy and it was recognized by the international institutions, he added.
He said Pakistan had made significant improvement in
public procurement process by strictly following the rules and save billion of dollars.
He said in order to encourage the tax compliance culture
in the country, tax directory of parliamentarians was published from last four years adding that Pakistan was among the few countries, which were publishing the tax directories of their law makers.
Highlighting the economic gains of the government, he said
that due to the prudent economic policies of the government size of national economy had crossed the US$ 300 billion mark.
The per-capita income increased, GDP was growing over 5.3
percent, which was the highest in last 10 years and inflation was at the lowest side.
He said revenue collection had registered about 73
percent growth in last four years and its registration average was 17 percent growth per annum.
The minister said the outcomes of the workshop would help
in policy making for bringing the transparency and openness.
Addressing the event, Chief Executive Officer of Open
Government Partnership Joe Powell congratulated Pakistan for joining it as there were 75 member countries across the world.
The aim of the event was to share and learn from each other experiences and support the governments for fiscal transparency, access to information, accountability and services delivery, he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Head of the Department of
International Development, Joanna Ride commended Pakistan for joining open government partnership.