Govt delivered in four years, made progress in all sectors: Abdul Qayyum

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 15 (APP): Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N)
Senator Lt Gen (R) Abdul Qayyum Tuesday said the government had delivered
in four years and made progress in every sector.
The government launched many energy projects which have started
giving production and electricity loadshedding had reduced, he said
talking to PTV.
Economic development and successful war against terrorism was
achievements of the PML-N government, he said.
The senator said the government had also worked on electoral, judicial
reforms and conducted census in the country.
Abdul Qayyum said the government had taken the parliament into
confidence on all important issues considering it the appropriate forum, he added.
All decisions should be taken in the parliament and not by giving
sit-ins on roads.
He said all institutions of the country should work in their
constitutional domain. We had made mistakes in the past however there was
a need to learn from them.
The senator said dictatorship regimes had violated the constitution
and pushed the country on back track.
He said all political parties had their own manifesto and they should
work on it for the betterment of the country and avoid criticizing other parties.