Govt committed to eliminating terrorism: Bosan

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MULTAN, Feb 19 (APP): Federal Minister for Food Security and Research Sikandar Hayat Bosan has said that the government was committed to eliminating terrorism from the country.
Some foreign agencies, in collaboration with local anti state
elements, had been active in different parts of the country but the incumbent government would crush them with an iron hand and defeat
their nefarious designs, he said while addressing a dinner reception in his honour at Adda Bosan.
He urged people to play their role in checking terrorist activities
in the country. The government has given a list to the Afghan government and if they took action against terrorists, then the menace would end soon in the region.
He said that the Afghan army chief had promised to bring terrorists
to justice.
US Diplomat Peter S was also present on this occasion. He said that
both the US government and its citizens were standing with Pakistan and its people. He urged Pakistan and Afghanistan to cooperate with each other to eliminate terrorism in the region.
The two countries should resolve their matters through diplomatic engagements as it was vital to eliminate terrorists.
On this occasion, former DBA president Allah Ditta Kashif, Saqib
Bosan, Husnain Farooq Bosan, Sajjad Ahmed, and Haji Qasim Khan Bosan were also present.