Governor supports revised curriculum for higher education programs

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KARACHI, June 7 (APP): Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair has
called upon the intellectuals, writers as well as the academicians to
join hands in revising the higher education curriculum on modern
Talking to the Vice Chancellor of NED University of Engineering
and Technology, Dr. Sarosh Hashmat Lodhi here on Wednesday, he said higher education plays central role in formation of a social welfare
“This holds equally true for national prosperity and economic
development of any state or country,” he said.
Dr. Sarosh Lodhi on the occasion apprised in detail the Sindh
Governor about research based activities underway in the university.
He also discussed the series of schemes for post graduate level
education programs initiated in different realms of engineering and
technology at NED.
Sindh Governor acknowledging that NED graduates are playing
important role in the national development said CPEC has further
enhanced importance of engineering.
“This discipline is needed to be updated on strong lines and on
steady basis for a prosperous future of the entire nation,” he said.
Mentioning that federal government has accorded top priority to
the promotion of higher education, Sindh Governor assured Dr. Lodhi to ensure every needed assistance for the master plan developed for the expansion of NED University of Engineering and Technology.
The Vice Chancellor of the University appreciating the interest
shown by the Governor for matters related to university said PM’s
laptop scheme for university students can help in promotion of
research based education.