Governor suggests proper marketing of Islamic Banking in the country

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KARACHI, May. 4 (APP): Pakistan holds tremendous potential for
Islamic Banking and there is need for efficient marketing of the
concept in the country, said Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair here
on Thursday.
Addressing the 6th Islamic Finance Expo Conference he said the
current 14% share of Islamic Banking in the country’s overall banking
and finance sector was negligible and needed to be raised.
“All sections have to work for promotion of Islamic banking in
Sindh in particular and country in general,” he emphasized.
Governor Muhammad Zubair was also of the opinion that agriculture
sector, small and medium entrepreneurs, housing industry and low
income groups can be extended special attention under Islamic Banking
Sindh Governor said the federal government as per its policy is
taking all measures to deal with any possible hindrance in the
promotion of Islamic Banking.
People in general strongly support the concept and the government
is engaged in streamlining the mechanism with major focus on its
activation and easy accessibility to the masses, he said.
Sindh Governor on the occasion appreciated that vigorous presence
of private sector in the province was already casting a positive
impact on its economic development.