Governor House open to every political worker keen to help masses: Zubair

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KARACHI, Jul 2 (APP): Sindh Governor House is open to all political
activists keen to contribute towards solution to problems faced by masses, said Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair during a reception hosted in his honour by PML-N leader Shah Zaman Shah at Bhanot, district Matiari on Sunday.
According to a statement issued by Governor House, Muhammad Zubair on the occasion said discussing problems of the masses on the Governor House premises can no way be termed doing politics.
The Governor said that problems faced by people will be addressed
on strong lines and with utmost sincerity by the PML-N leadership.
Mentioning that Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has visited
Sindh province no less than seven times during the recent past, he said
the Prime Minister is keen to bring Sindh at par with other developed
parts of the country.
He said the Prime Minister will soon be visiting Sindh to announce
a full-fledged and an ambitious development package for the province.
Referring to positive changes brought about in the provincial
capital, he said Karachi that till a few years ago used to get closed
down at 10 minutes ultimatum severely affecting public life, is now a
changed city.
Terrorists’ activities have been curtailed here for quite some
time and massive commercial cum business activities are drawing
significant attention of investors, said the Governor.
He said the Federal government is keen to ensure that optimum
investment is made in Karachi.