APP103-11 KARACHI: April 11 - Governor Sindh Mohammad Zubair addressing at a seminar organized by English Speaking Union of Pakistan. APP Photo by Syed Abbas Mehdi

KARACHI, April 11 (APP): Sindh Governor, Muhammad Zubair on Tuesday emphasized on serious and coordinated efforts of government and private sector to project the big potential of Sindh especially of Karachi before the world as an international economic hub.
“ Now, it is time to sell the potential of Karachi in particular. After a long time of disturbances, Karachi has returned to normalcy and become peaceful enough for trade, and local and foreign investment. Karachi’s economy is now rapidly expanding,” he said while addressing the members of English Speaking Union of Pakistan (ESUP).
The Governor spoke on “ Vision of Economic Prosperity of Sindh” and he received a big applause for his better and practical approach for Sindh province ; mainly Karachi.
President ESUP Aziz Memon, Secretary General Majyed Aziz, Senior Vice President Kalim Farooqui and Vice President Deputy High Commissioner of United Kingdom here, former ambassador Jaffar Kadir, Behram Avari, Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig, and Consul Generals of France and Germany in Karachi were prominent.
ESUP President Aziz Memon introduced Muhammad Zubair and praised his services while working on key positions of the government and in private sector including international companies like IBM.
He was very confident that being highly qualified and experienced, the Governor would prove a source of a change in the province.
Sindh Governor Muhammad Zubair said that the solution of social and economic problems of Sindh, especially of its big cities Karachi and Hyderabad, lied in public-public partnership as the government alone could do a little due to limited resources.
Private sector people would have to come forward for strengthening public transport system in Karachi and Hyderabad, which is the fifth largest city of the country.
PML-N Federal Government had taken initiatives and was doing good things for Sindh province beyond its responsibility.
He listed various development and social programmes for Sindh launched by the Federal government and assured more schemes/programmes would be announced soon by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif including a latest transport system for Hyderabad like Karachi.
Muhammad Zubair said that Governor’s main job was to lead economic turn-around in the province. Karachi’s development would be very helpful for the rest of Sindh and the country.
He informed that Urban Development Fund was being raised with the help of private sector people, who could invest or fund the development projects.
We are also trying to bring maximum foreign investment to Karachi and that more than 50,000 jobs would be created in the city in near future, he re-affirmed.
“ We all should make conscious efforts and drum beat the potential of Karachi and the country as a whole.”
The Federal government had already started the process of sharing Pakistan story with the main players in the world. Pakistan story is great. For this purpose, he added, government-cum-private sector delegations had visited London, New York and Dubai etc. and had received very positive response.
He urged all the main political parities to give their ownership to Karachi and feel Karachiites that the parities were really concerned and serious to solve their social and economic issues.
Being the Governor, he assured to be fair and equal to all the political parties in their efforts to reach out the people of Sindh.
He said Federal, Provincial and Local government should complement each other, instead of going for competition.
Later on, the Governor answered many queries from the participants.