Governor appreciates close relationship between Pakistan and Japan

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KARACHI, July 12 (APP): Governor of Sindh, Muhammad Zubair here
on Wednesday appreciated close coordination between Pakistan and Japan in sectors closely linked to social development and economic
empowerment of the masses.
Talking to a delegation of Mitsubishi Energy Group led by its CEO
for Pakistan, Kimidie Ando and his counterpart for India, Shiozake, he
said cooperation in energy sector, between the two countries, was
particularly relevant.
“In the present day world energy is key to development and also
for improved living standard of the people,” he said.
Sindh Governor said joint ventures undertaken by Pakistan and
Japan in energy sectors besides investments in numerous industrial
projects hold direct bearing on public upliftment.
Relationship between the two countries is spread over past
several decades and will continue to gain momentum in the coming
years,” he said mentioning that Pakistan during past few years has
managed to solve the issue of energy shortage.
Acknowledging that support and cooperation extended by Japan was
a contributory factor, Sindh Governor said Pakistan government has
also entered into agreement with other countries to address the issue
of energy deficiency.
He particularly referred to series of energy related schemes
initiated under CPEC besides the 20 year long LNG accord between
Pakistan and Qatar.
“Numerous power generation schemes worth millions of dollars have
been undertaken as part of CPEC project,” said the Governor of Sindh.
Kimidie Ando said his company was working on varied sources of
power generation as crude oil, natural gas and other carbon material.
Application of each source, he said was in accordance to the need
of the people as well as prevalent situation in the areas of work –
with equal attention towards maintenance of environmental standards.
Other Mitsubishi officials present on the occasion included
Javed Majid, Kota Yamada,Tomoyuki Hoshizime, Hirai Makino and