Government focus is on education: Ahsan Iqbal

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KARACHI, Feb 8 (APP): The focus of the present government of
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif is on education and its reformation
and improvement, said Federal Minister for Planning and Development,
Ahsan Iqbal.
He was speaking at the Karachi School of Business and leadership
(KSBL) at its premises here on Wednesday.
The Minister pointed out that attention is being paid towards
revision of curriculum to cater to the presentday needs, adoption of
the latest system of examinations as well as the teachers’ training.
However, he stressed that for the success of this process there
is a need that the provinces should extend cooperation and
collaboration to the centre.
On the occasion, Ahsan Iqbal also interacted with the chief
executive officers (CEOs) of 55 private sector companies.
He was of the view that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif had already resolved their three main problems which include
energy, economic crisis and transport.
The Minister was of the view that the presentday era  was that of
the economic competition.
He said that as compared to 2013, the country is more stable and
strong today and the law and order situation has been brought under
Ahsan Iqbal opined that the day was not far off when Pakistan
would be among the strongest economies of Asia.
He pointed out that for overcoming the energy crisis, the
government worked on war footing. By the year 2018, 10,000 megawatts
of electricity would be added to the system.
The Minister said that before the present government took over,
the country was facing severe energy crisis. `We are utilizing our own
resources and priority is being given to coal for electricity
generation. We have coal reserves that can cater to our needs for a
period of some 400 years’.
He also referred to the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)
as a result of which the world is looking towards Pakistan.
Ahsan Iqbal was of the view that the CPEC would play an important
role to help change the destiny of the region.
He stated that the private sector can also greatly benefit from
the CPEC. Industrial zones are being established in Gwadar.
The Minister informed that efforts are being made to enhance
Pakistan’s exports and more and more products be introduced in the
international market.
He said that there was no room for negative politics and the
people are tired of such an approach. Those indulging in negative
politics have seen their fate, he added.
Ahsan Iqbal said that the government of Prime Minister Nawaz
Sharif believes in performance which speaks for itself.
He invited the chief of the PTI Imran Khan to extend cooperation
in the government’s steps for the electoral reforms for the 2018
general elections in the country.
The Minister said that those with conservative approach were not
accepting the new infrastructure in the country and were criticising
the development process including the highways.