Government committed to eradicate injustice, says Farooq Haider

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MUZAFFARABAD, Nov 12 (APP):Prime Minister, Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) Raja Farooq Haider has reiterated his commitment to eradicate injustice from all spheres of life and ensure merit to improve the governance system in the territory.
Speaking at a function of the Bar Association at Plundri on
Sunday, he counted a number of measures taken by his government to fulfill his
commitment with the people establish merit and ensure dispensation of justice
including induction in services through public service commission and National
testing service (NTS).
While seeking legal community’s support for his government, he
said he will bring out all efforts for the welfare of members of the bar at
every level as they were an essential part of the justice system and can play a
vital role for the dispensation of justice to the people.
He said during his tenure, all appointments in the bureaucracy
and education department were made on merit on the recommendations of public
service commission and NTS unlike the previous eras when the appointments were
made ignoring the merit and on the basis of political affiliations.
“We are committed to remove injustice from the society and
ensure acts of the government on merit for which I have complete support from
my cabinet members and colleagues, Haider added saying he will continue making
hard decisions irrespective of any fear of losing support from certain