Golden Eagles captain wins captain’s top scorer award


LAHORE, Apr 11 (APP): Golden Eagles captain, Salman Khan, won the captain’s top scorer award by hammering 131 runs here in the Amir Cables T20 tournament.
Salman scored 131 runs in six matches to claim back-to-back such an award in the ongoing season of Veterans T20 tournament.
In captain’s competition, he beat Hammad Maqbool from Turk Plast, Mohsin Aftab of Aftab Qarshi, Amir Ilyas Butt of Amir cables and Rizwan Nisar of Lahore Whites.
“I am enjoying playing cricket and I am practising hard on batting and that is why I was able to win captain’s competition and second such award in as many as tournaments,” he told APP on Tuesday.
He said that it was a big honour for him that his team won the Amir Cables final to add another victory to its credit.
“We have good national ranking veteran players in our side who helped us to win the title and I attribute title success to collective teams efforts,” he said.