ISLAMABAD, Nov 8 (APP): Renowned scholars paid tribute to Allama Muhammad Iqbal here at Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) in connection with Iqbal Day, to be observed on Wednesday.
Fateh Muhammad Malik presided over the discussion on the literary work of the National Poet.
Renowned scholars including Dr Ayub Sabir, Chairman PAL Prof Dr Muhammad Qasim Bughio, Mehboob Zafar, Akbar Hussain Akbar, Hamid Shahid, Iqbal Hussain Afkar and Sarfaraz Shahid attended the event.
Dr Ayub Sabir talked about Iqbal’s vision and faith that inculcated a sense of motivation and self-realisation among the Muslims of the Sub continent.
He said that Iqbal’s poetry did not only inspire the Muslims but the intellectuals and leaders of the world.
Speaking on the occasion, scholar Prof Fateh Mohammad Malik said “Iqbal was a real advocate of eternal message of Islam,”.
He said people should incorporate the national poet’s philosophy in their lives. He said, “We should work towards making Pakistan the country that Allama Iqbal dreamt of.”
Earlier, Chairman PAL Prof. Dr Mohammad Qasim Bughio welcomed the participants in the academy. He said that Iqbal was one of the greatest poets of all times.