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ISLAMABAD, Apr 8 (APP): Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet
Conference, Syed Ali Gilani has appealed to people to completely
boycott the so-called parliamentary by-elections in Indian Occupied
Polling for the farcical parliamentary by-polls will be held
in Held Srinagar constituency on Sunday, and in Islamabad constituency
on Wednesday, KMS reported.
Syed Ali Gilani in a statement issued in Held Srinagar reiterated
the joint resistance leadership’s call for shutdown and anti-elections rallies in Central Kashmir areas on Sunday, and in South Kashmir on Wednesday.
He said that on the one side, the puppet authorities were
brutally killing people and hundreds of Hurriyet leaders and
activists had been lodged in detention centres and people were
facing flood-like situation, while on the other side, the
pro-India politicians were busy to stage election drama in the
occupied territory.
The APHC Chairman said that pro-India Peoples Democratic
Party, National Conference and other parties were least cared
about people and were instead desperate to stage the election
drama and get into power corridors.
He said “We are passing through a crucial phase. It is a
trial and it is pre-requisite to follow the mission with same
spirit as was witnessed during the people’s uprising in 2016.”
He added that people had given enormous sacrifices in the ongoing
freedom movement.
The APHC Chairman said few people who vote in election
dramas are not only committing an act of treason, but their
actions are also acting as oxygen for the Indian occupation of
“It is tantamount to betrayal with the sacred blood of
martyrs. Any sort of participation will prolong our struggle for
freedom,” he added.
Syed Ali Gilani said his personal experience is that India
is a deceitful country that neither follows any ethics nor is true
to its word.
“Whosoever participates in sham elections provides an
opportunity to Indian rulers to mislead the international
community. They (Indian rulers) are exploiting people of Jammu and
Kashmir,” he added.
The APHC Chairman appealed to Kashmiri people to take care
of sacrifices and sacred blood of their martyrs and boycott the