Full precautionary measures adopted to deal with recent heavy rainfall: NDMA member

ISLAMABAD, July 14 (APP): National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) Operations Member Brig Mukhtar Ahmed has assured that all the concerned departments have already been directed to remain alert for the upcoming series of heavy rains in the country.
Talking to VOA , he said that the government has issued various
precautionary directions to people regarding floods in the coming days.
He said that the PDMA had already been put on high alert about the pre-monsoon
rains in the areas and uptill now four deaths reported to us are one in Dir, two in
Malakand and one in Taank. But if we talk about the entire Pakistan the death toll rose to
fifty despite various measures which were taken before time to overcome the maximum
He said for precautionary measures all the provincial Disaster Management
Authorities were provided funds by the government of Pakistan and NDMA.
They have also various contingency plans with the local administration of the
As far as the people are concerned they are also cooperative because when they are
asked to take precautionary measures they take the measures and own it.
So, in future to take all the precautionary measures is the top most priority in order
to prepare the people about the upcoming dangers to save their lives.