Fulfillment of demands of justice, mutual respect among institutions was need of the hour.

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ISLAMABAD, Oct 19 (APP):Minister for Sports and Inter-provincial Harmony Mian Riaz Hussain Pirzada Thursday said that fulfillment of demands of justice and mutual respect among institutions for their respective powers was need of the hour.
Speaking at Meet the Press organized by the National Press Club, the minister said all the problems could be solved easily if the justice system in the country was rectified. The people needed speedy and inexpensive justices at their doorsteps, he added.
He called upon all the stakeholders particularly media and lawyer community to play their role in promoting inter-faith harmony in the country. The minister said no institution should try to encroach upon the judiciary.
To another question, he said avoiding confrontation with institutions was in the best interests of the country.
Riaz Pirzada said negotiation was in progress with Higher Education Commission (HEC) to set up a sports university at the sports complex. The HEC has been given a task in this regard and the Prime Minister would be briefed next week.
Earlier elected members of the National Press Club welcomed him on arrival. The minister also announced indoor sports equipment for the NPC.