ISLAMABAD, Jun 28 (APP):Pakistan National Council of The Arts (PNCA) in collaboration with The Embassy of France-Alliance Francaise Islamabad has organized screening of France-Belgium co-production film ‘Seraphine’ here at PNCA.
Coordinator PNCA Film Club, Aijaz Gul said a biopic, Seraphine is based on the life of French painter Seraphine. “It is a true story where art is discovered by a critic on the eve of World War I in 1914”, he said.
The film was directed by Martin Provost and cast were included Yolande Moreau and Ulrich Tukur.
We see a middle-aged woman with remarkable performance. Your talent is not rewarded in your lifetime. Your modest life remains modest till the end because you have not been cut out for fame,wealth and stardom. It is life on fringes played behind doors. Fame comes much later and kills it.Working hard as a maidservant in rich homes but love lies elsewhere in nature and love for painting has no boundaries and no limits.
The remarkable talent for painting does come here without formal training and academics. At times, it has to do with one’s faith, appreciation and inspiration. The trees, the open sky, plants, wind and soil become your reasons to go on and feed your talent. Even living in a small house and unable to pay your rent on time cannot finish or fade out the glow inside you. It would be unfair to reveal the plot but when life is interrupted by things interfering with your modestly, it results in tragic circumstances and your focus is lost forever. Others then celebrate your after you are gone.
Seraphine became one of the most celebrated films in 2008, winning seven distinguished Ceasor awards for Best Film,Acting,Photography,Costume,Music, Production Design and Original Script. Leading lady Yolande Moreau won several other awards for Best Actress of the year in Europe and United States.
The audience at PNCA watched a film with substance, deep thoughts and meaning about a gifted painter and her promising achievements.