APP07-13 ISLAMABAD: May 13 – Acting Secretary for M/O IB&NH Shafqat Jaleel addressing during two-day International Conference of News Agencies (ICNA) as the delegates from various countries arriving to attend the event organized by the Associated Press of Pakistan (APP) under the theme, “Pakistan’s Media – Opportunities and Challenges” with special focus on ‘News Agencies – Emerging Professional Challenges.' APP photo by Irshad Sheikh

ISLAMABAD, May 13 (APP):Acting Secretary Information and Broadcasting Shafqat Jalil on Sunday said free and vibrant media was guarantor of people’s rights and protector of democracy.
He was addressing the inaugural session of two-day International Conference of News Agencies tilted Pakistan’s Media Opportunities and Challenges: News Agencies Emerging Professional Challenges.” The conference was inaugurated by Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb, while National Security Adviser Nasser Khan Janjua was the chief guest.
Shafqat Jalil said that there were over 100 television channels, over 75 FM radio channels and over 2000 newspapers and
periodicals in the country. He said that freedom of expression and access to information was guaranteed under the Constitution.
Shafqat Jalil said that premier news agency Associated Press of Pakistan through the international conference had provided an opportunity to the representatives of national and international media houses and news agencies to discuss the issues and challenges being faced by the industry. Delegates from 18 countries were participating in the conference, he added.
Shafqat Jalil said that it was the century of the Media as nothing else had affected the lives of the people more than the Media.
During a single century, humans had moved from printed newspapers to mobile communications, he added.
Media,he said always played an important role in the society and now it had become an integral part peoples lives, society, government and governance. He said in the modern world everybody spent almost four hours on watching television or reading newspapers. Now newspapers, television, radio and magazines were losing their value as the social media had started ruling the roost.
He said that now smart phone was being used for capturing pictures of an event and sharing it on the social media, and everybody sharing pictures with captions could be called a journalist. In such a situation,the responsibilities of the Media persons and regulatory authorities had increased manifold.
Shafqat Jalil said that the race for breaking news had ruined the media ethics and the problem was not faced by developing countries only, even the advanced countries were grappling with the problem.
He appreciated the APP management for providing an opportunity to media managers, and senior journalists from news agencies to discuss the new challenges and suggest ways to find a solution. He said the conference would also prove helpful in promotion of exchange of news among the news agencies and further promote cooperation.