ISLAMABAD, May 11 (APP): French ambassador to Islamabad Martine Dorance has said France and Pakistan are poised to further bolster their scientific cooperation and the visit of a leading scientist professor Pierre Lena will give impetus to these on-going efforts.
The envoy made the brief remarks to welcome the professor and
provide him an opportunity to meet a select gathering of Pakistani scientists at a dinner hosted by her here Wednesday.
Welcoming Mr. Lena an illustrious member of Academy of
Science in Paris, she said his visit would help him interact with fellow Pakistani scientists and gave him a chance to emphasize the need to promote science at the school level for tapping the curiosity and potential of Pakistani children in exploring new avenues in the field.
“You are a 200 million people country , this is a fantastic
potential of intelligence,” so all Pakistani scientists and engineers should not only be doing their job but “should also help to exploit best this potential”, he told APP while responding to a question.
He said his Academy is cooperating with Pakistan in promotion of
science and had sent many Teachers trainers following an understanding with Pakistan Science Foundation many years back.
“We have discovered, the issues we have been dealing within
France like teachers training and active science learning,” he said, were similar to rest of the globe so his academy decided to cooperate with other countries as well.
He spoke highly of the scientific base of Pakistan and said
“Pakistan is a great scientific country with a high level of scientists and it has developed very complex level of physics”. However he called for giving better scientific education to the young Pakistanis enabling them to become better scientists.
Prof, Lena said science was as universal as was the innate
curiosity of the children whether it was France , China or Latin America. Hence the world could cooperate in addressing the current global issues like climate change and to understand why it was happening and why fish was disappearing from the sea.
Stressing upon scientific education at school level, he said,
science education was able to develop in the personality of child “critical mind, creativity, self- confidence in his intelligence and understanding the past to build a future,” because science was a process which had started thousands of years ago.
If one look at a development of a country Today, he said,
science answers questions splashing mind of a child. He said reading, writing and counting is important but “beyond that exploiting the intelligence to liberate creativity and self- confidence” of a child
was a key to development of a country.”
Earlier in his remarks at the dinner Prof. Lena said Today world was in
a bad shape as the humanity had de-shaped the planet hence it was far more necessary now to equip the children with the tools to fight the current challenges of the world. Science had to address the problems of the world today and tomorrow.
Later the Prof. handed over a book authored by him to the
French ambassador to Pakistan Martine Dorance.