APP36-02 LAHORE: August 02 - Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad, Chief of Awami Muslim League addressing a press conference. APP Photo by Rana Imran

LAHORE, Aug 02 (APP):Awami Muslim League President Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said Thursday that foundation of a new
Pakistan had been set with the victory of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan.
Addressing a press conference at a local hotel here, he said that general election results had ended the tenure of political “plunderer”.
He congratulated the Pakistan Election of Commission (ECP) and Pakistan Army on holding successful, peaceful and transparent elections.
“My aim has been achieved and I am not desirous of getting any ministry,” he said.
“My mission to send thieves and robbers behind the bars has been completed, and only recovery is left now,” he added.
Sheikh said that he had full confidence in the leadership of Imran Khan, adding that his opponents wanted him to be declared disqualified, but with the grace of Allah he had won the elections.
“Imran Khan has set up political nursery of the country and it is a blessing that protocol culture has been eliminated from Pakistan,” he added.
The Awami Muslim League leader said that everyone who had been defeated was crying rigging, adding that “political transgenders” had been washed out from the national politics.
He thanked the media as it promoted him in the elections inspite of the opposition and added that he had been in politics since his school days.
He claimed that he had undeniable proofs of corruption against former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi in LNG scandal, which could shake the country. We are to start new politics in the new Pakistan,” he added.
Sheikh Rashid criticised the PML-N leadership including Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz.
To a question, he said that he did not go to Bani gala for getting any ministry, as he had enjoyed ministries for eight times and added that he had no desire for wealth, fame or ministry.
“I am shifting to the poor settlement from Lal Haveli so that I can feel the pain of the poor,” he added.
“I am voice of the poor and reflection of people’s power,” he added.
He said that other PML-N leaders would also become ‘guests’ of Adiala jail soon.
“It will be unfortunate for Pakistan if these looters become successful in getting ‘NRO’ (a secret deal) on the pressure of international forces,” he said.
Pakistani people were well aware now and they liked change in the current elections.