Former Olympian Danish demands resignation of hockey team’s head coach


LAHORE, July 13 (APP)- Former hockey Olympian, Danish Kaleem said
on Thursday that the present team management of the national hockey
team led by Khawaja Mohammad Junaid has no valid justification to
continue after team’s dismal seventh finishing in the ten team World
Hockey league in London last month.
“The head coach made tall claims before the departure of the team
to England, but the team badly flopped in the event and lost twice to
India and then to Canada, which speaks volume of poor team’s handling
on part of its management”, he told APP here.
Danish a former coach of the Pakistan team said Junaid was of one the
hockey official, who had long association with the national team in one
role to another during the last 15 years.
“If you analyze his performance as coach or head coach he had
no major victory to his credit, but interestingly he always managed
to get a position in the team management with the blessings of present
and previous regimes of the Pakistan Hockey Federation”, said the
former full back.
He said Pakistan team suffered one of the darkest debacles in the
hockey history in London where it performed poorly and held the team management responsible for its downfall.
“There is no justification to lose to India twice with that heavy margin, Khawaja Junaid failed to draw a match plan to counter the
Indians in a decent manner in the second match”, he said.
“Things turned bad to worst when Canada handed over humiliating 6-0
defeat to Pakistan and that defeat is a doomsday story of Pakistan
The former Olympian said Pakistan team conceded as many as
28 goals in the event and never before such a number of goals were
scored against it in an international tournament.
“Junaid is associated with national hockey since 1999 and since
then he has proved himself an utter failure and it is a worrying sign
that despite the recent debacle PHF has not taken any action against
the team management”, he said.
He urged the PHF authorities to take measures to resolve the
present hockey crisis which is deepening with each passing day.
“PHF should fire Junaid and other coaches of the team and seek
the opinion of former hockey Olympians to find ways and means to
get the hockey out of present gloom”, he said adding “PHF should
take the former stalwarts of the game on board to arrange a
brainstorming session for getting their suggestions for the
betterment of the game otherwise the team will continue showing
poor results in its future assignments”.