Foreign skiers term Malam Jabba a high standard slope

APP37-05 ISLAMABAD: February 05 - Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Chief of the Air Staff, Pakistan Air Force along with the medal winning skiers during the prize distribution ceremony of International Ski Championships. APP

ISLAMABAD, Feb 5 (APP): The winners of CAS Karakorum Ski
Championship and Malam Jabba International Alpine Ski Cup have said
that the slope at the scenic Swat valley’s snow laden mountains is
of higher standard and even better than several European slopes.
“I must admire that Nature has bestowed Pakistan’s Swat valley
with not only unique beauty but also the world’s rare skiing slope,”
Slovakia’s Jan Jakubco, who emerged victorious in the two back to
back international skiing events at the Malam Jabba resort, told APP
in an exclusive chat.
He said he had featured in several international events around
the globe but never experienced the joy he got at Malam Jabba.
“To me it was one of the most difficult slopes I have ever
skied. At such a slope a skier gets the chance to showcase his
skills and deliver his best and that is what I did there,”
Jakubco, who won six races out of the total eight he chipped in
the two events, said.
The Slovakian, who also seemed well aware of the fact that
how Pakistan’s security forces through Operation Zarb e Azb wiped
out the terrorists from the area, stated that Pakistan’s
achievements in defeating the twin evils of terrorism and extremism
were remarkable.
“When I look back at what the terrorists and extremists have
been doing in that area a few years back, it seems miraculous to
hold big international events with great success now,” he added.
He said he had found Pakistanis highly hospitable and enjoyed
each and every moment of his stay here. “We’ll be returning back to
our countries with sweet memories. I’ve been in skiing in different
countries. But the love and warmth we received here is matchless and
“I believe this country is secure for all types of
international sports activities. If you can host skiers here in such
a successful and peaceful manner there, then you are also capable of
holding sports activities everywhere in your country. We found
ourselves totally safe here and would like to return and participate
in skiing events here time and again,” he added.
Two female Ukrainian skiers Tetyana Tikun and Anastasia
Gorbunova, who finished first and second in women categories of both
the events expressed similar views.
“When we reached at Malam Jabba on the first day, we were
amazed to find such a high standard slope,” said Gorbunova, who
remained second in both the events.
“Standard wise this slope is not less than the ones we find in
Europe. As far the facilities here are concerned I must admit these
are matchless.
“We would like to be invited and feature in other such
international events here in future also,” Gorbunova, the top
finisher of women events, said.
Jan Jakubco, Tetyana Tikun and Anastasia Gorbunova along with
our foreign and Pakistani skiers, attended the prize distribution
ceremony of both the above mentioned events here at a local hotel on
late Saturday.
Air Chief Marshal Sohail Aman, Chief of the Air Staff,
Pakistan Air Force, who was the chief guest on the occasion, awarded
medals and cash prizes to the winning players.
Several international skiers from various countries, including
Morocco, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine
and Tajikistan along with Pakistani skiers, participated in 16 races
of both men and women categories of these events.