Food group import decreases 10.41% in May


ISLAMABAD, Jun 25 (APP):Food group imports into the country during month of May, 2018 decreased by 10.41 percent as
compared the corresponding month of last year and reached at US$ 498.878 million as compared the import of US$ 556.830 million.
The imports of the food commodities into the country was recorded at US$ 556.830 million in month of May, 2017, according the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics.
During the month under review imports of dry fruits and nuts reduced by 92.17 percent and tea by 19.88 percent respectively as about 1,020 metric tons of dry fruit and nuts worth US$ 1.282 million were imported as compared the imports of 16,423 metric tons worth US$ 16.371 million imported in same month of last year.
Meanwhile, about 11,370 metric tons of tea worth US$ 31.38 million were imported to fulfill the domestic requirements as compared the imports of 12,804 metric tons valuing US$ 38.738 million of same month of last year.
However, the imports of food commodities in to the country during last eleven months of current financial year witnessed nominal increase of 1.09 percent as compared the same period of last year.
During the period from July-May, 2017-18, food commodities worth US$ 5.717 billion were imported as compared the import of US$ 5.566 billion of corresponding period last year.
It is worth mentioning here that exports of food commodities during month of May increased by 44.46 percent as compared the exports of same month of last year as the country earned US$ 508.780 million by exporting different food products from the country.
Where as exports of food witnessed about 30.80 percent increase as different food items worth US$ 4.479 billion were exported as compared the exports of US$ 3.425 billion of same period last year, the data added.