Food commodities worth $512.321 mln exported in 2 months


ISLAMABAD, Sep 22 (APP): The country earned US$ 512.321
million by exporting different food commodities during the first
two-months of current financial year as compared the earnings
of the corresponding period of last year.
During the period from July-August 2017, food group exports
from the country increased by 30.6 percent as compared the exports
of the same period of last year.
According the data of Pakistan Bureau of Statistics during
last two months exports of rice grew by 40 percent as around
428,993 metric tons of rice worth US$ 223.937 million exported.
The rice exports during first two months of last financial
year was recorded at 3810,861 metric tons valuing US$ 159.543
million, it added.
Meanwhile, the exports of basmati rice grew by 10.35 percent
and about 59,433 metric tons of basmati rice worth US$ 62.741
million exported as compared the exports of 59,192 metric tons
valuing US$ 56.857 million of same period last year.
The exports of rice other then basmati also witnessed an
increase of 58.98 percent, around 369.580 metric tons of rice
costing US$ 161.198 million exported as compared to the exports
of 251,669 metric tons worth US$ 102.888 million of last year.
From July-August, 2017-18, fruit and vegetable exports
increased by 8.74 percent and reached at 56,280 metric tons
worth of US$ 20.583 million as against the exports of 73,751
metric tons of US$ 18.888 million of same period last year,
it added.
The other commodities which witnessed increase in their
exports during the period under review included fish and fish
production by 19.63 percent, wheat and sugar 100 percent
respectively, oil seeds, nusts, tobacco and spices
It may be recalled here that imports of the food commodities
into the country also witnessed an increase of 27.18 percent and
about US$ 1.123 billion was spent on the import of different food
items to fulfill the domestic requirements.