Fiscal budget reflects Govt’s vision for prosperous Pakistan: PM


ISLAMABAD, June 4 (APP): Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif on Saturday said the pro growth budget of the government reflected its vision for a prosperous and developed Pakistan.

Complimenting Minister for Finance Ishaq Dar, he said
the minister and his team deserved the appreciation for
presenting a pro growth budget for fiscal year 2016 17.
The Prime Minister said in the past three years,
the government did work tirelessly to improve the lives
of the average Pakistani citizen and stabilize a nation,
that was in tatters.

“We inherited hyper inflation and financial
indiscipline of the highest degree, inhibiting the working
class from living lives of dignity, and turned things around
to cut our deficit by half, grow the GDP at a 4.7% per annum
rate, improve our balance of trade, bring inflation down to
a ten year low and bring tax collection up to historic levels,”
a press release from the PM media wing on Saturday quoted
the Prime Minister as saying.

The Prime Minister observed that none of these could
had been possible if the budget had not mirrored their
vision for the country and the vast potential it had.

In the next fiscal year, the government was committed
to not only replicate this success, but one up it, he added.

He said the government has chosen to invest in important
project Gwadar, a port with increasing international importance with China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) on the horizon.

“We have created new subsidies and public investment
in agriculture to help our agro economy and the millions
of Pakistanis who depend on its success for a living,” he

The Prime Minister said that the government had also
committed to investing in infrastructure, roads, railways
and the Karachi Lahore motorway, connecting the nation and creating thousands of direct and indirect jobs.

He said after the Paris climate change agreement,
they committed to recognize the existential threat it
posed to the security and the future of our children.

The government had been investing over a billion
rupees in the Climate Change Division ‘to make sure we
don’t gamble with the future of the world.’

The Prime Minister further said the government
did increase the allocations in social welfare cash
grants programmes like BISP, to make sure that millions
of poor people, regardless of their income, can have
lives of dignity and break the shackles of poverty.

“Finally, we have also invested in numerous power
projects across the country to develop a country where
livelihoods are no longer dependent on the whims of
power outages.”

He reiterated the government was achieving success
by finding solutions to problems, faced by the country
with its development plans.