First National Population Policy to be introduced soon; Senate told

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ISLAMABAD, Sept 19 (APP): Minister for Education and Professional
Training Baligh ur Rehman on Monday said that first National Policy in the country would be introduced soon as Ministry for Inter-Provincial Coordination has prepared draft on it for consultation with provinces.
“It is the responsibility of the federal government to coordinate with
provinces and assistance will be made to control population” he stated this while concluding the debate on a motion under Rule 218 about the situation arising out the rapid increase in the population.
The minister said that funds have been enhanced for awareness among
people while census has been conducted for effective future planning. He said maximum growth rate has been witnessed in Balochistan and census results would help to plan effectively.
Earlier speaking on the motion, Sitara Ayaz said unemployment was
gradually being increased day by day due to rapid population.
She said that all small provinces have strong reservations over the
result of recent population census which should be addressed. She said urbanization was on fast track and there were no planning for it.
She said we have to control over population to control for better future
of the next generation.
Taj Haider said we could not make proper planning till correct figure
and data. He said there must be a proper and authentic data base in the country.
He said despite spending Rs.18 billion, no one was ready to accept the
census data.
Saeedul Hassan Mandokhel said Balochistan has also reservations over the
result of recent population census.
Mian Ateeq Sheikh said NADRA has authentic database and it should be
He said population could not be controlled till creating awareness among
the masses.
Farhatullah Babar said all stakeholders including provincial
governments, ulemas, scholars and other peoples have to take on board to create awareness among the masses to control the rapid population.
Mohsin Laghari said less population growth was recorded in Punjab in the
recent census and the province would also loss its share in National Finance Commission (NFC) award besides four seats in the National Assembly.
He said there was dire need to control population as existing resources
were depleting on fast track.
Dr Jahanzeb Jamaldini said Pakistan was going towards most populous
country of the world.
Usman Kakar said results of the recent population census were rejected
by the three provinces Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa. He alleged that less population of Balochistan and FATA was shown in the census.
He suggested that Senate should be fully empowered and it should be
given equal status to the National Assembly.
He said family planning was not possible with creating awareness among
the masses
Saud Aziz called for a concrete policy to streamline the population and
made it beneficial.
Mohsin Aziz said earlier proper campaigns were launched to control
population census, however, no such campaign was launched in the country.
He said some Rs.18 billion was spent on the census but the provinces
have their reservations.
Sardar Azam Musakhel said population of Pashoon people in Balochistan
was shown less in the population.
Senator Javed Abbasi said that results of census are being condemned for
no reason despite the fact that it is good sign to control population over the last few years.