First ever grand Pakistan festival in France ended with a resounding success


ISLAMABAD, Sep 17 (APP): The first ever mega Pakistan festival was
held to mark the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence concluded in Paris on Sunday after a splendid display of Pakistan’s culture, handicrafts, fashion, music and cuisine.
The Festival was jointly inaugurated by Ambassador of Pakistan to
France Moin-ul-Haque, member of French parliament Mr. Francois Pupponi and Mayor of
Sarcelles town Mr. Nicolas Maccioni.
Thousands of people from various walks of life including local French
officials, diplomats, members of french civil society, media persons and
expatriate Pakistanis attended the event.
While addressing the inaugural ceremony which commenced with the
playing of Pakistani and French national anthems, the Ambassador congratulated the
Pakistani community on completing the 70 years of independence.
He said that this festival had multiple objectives from celebrating
the 70th anniversary of Pakistan’s independence, showcasing the richness of Pakistani
cultural diversity and the beauty of its magnificent landscapes introducing Pakistani cuisine
and music, to bringing together the Pakistani community on a single platform for a
common cause.
Member of French parliament, Mr. Francoise Pupponi and Mayor of Sarcelles town
Mr. Nicolas Maccioni who also spoke on the occasion termed the Pakistan community as
hardworking, peaceful and friendly and said that this festival had not only provide the
French public a rare chance to experience a mini Pakistan in France but would also
improve the bilateral relations between the two countries.
The Ambassador also presented commemoratory shields to the French guests in
recognition of their services for the welfare and wellbeing of Pakistan community.
The speakers also underscored the rich history, archaeological treasures, touristic
opportunities, handicrafts and diverse cultural and social traditions of Pakistan.
The magic show, raffle draw, photographic exhibition, children games and kite flying
competition were also the highlights of the Festival.