Fierce election battle shape up in NA 60 and NA 62



RAWALPINDI, Jul 12 (APP):As the voters would decide the fate of contesting candidates on July 25, the electoral battle is expected to be fierce between Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed backed by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf
and Pakistan Muslim League N candidates Danyal Chaudhry and Hanif Abassi in city’s two constituencies
NA-60 and NA-62.
The constituencies NA-60 and 62 were formerly known as NA-38 from 1985 to 1997 and after delimitation process in 2002, NA-38 divided into two parts and were declared NA-55 and NA-56.
In 1988 Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was elected from NA-38 on the ticket of Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI) by securing 73,052 votes with General (r) Tikka Khan of the PPP finishing as the runner-up with 57,665 votes while seven
candidates had contested the election.
In 1990 Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad IJI got 78107 votes and defeated Chaudhary Mushtaq Hussain PDA who secured 54701 votes while 9 candidates had participated in the run.
In 1993 Sheikh Rashid Ahmed was elected from NA-38 on the ticket of PML-N (80,758 votes) defeating eight other candidates with a big margin. The other major contestant was, Agha Riaz-ul-Islam (PPP, 53,841 votes).
In 1997 elections Sh Rasheed got 72183 votes while Naheed Khan (PPP) bagged 24714 votes and six candidates battled for the seat.
In 2002 general election in NA 55 constituency Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Independent had won the election by receiving 40649 votes by defeating Agha Riaz-ul-Islam PPP who got 28885 votes and Sardar Muhammad Tariq
PML N bagged 14405 votes while 10 candidates contested for the seat.
In 2008, Makhdoom Muhammad Javed Hashmi “Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz” (PMLN) won the National Assembly Election with 76900 votes. And Malik Amir Fida Paracha “Pakistan Peoples Party” (PPP) lost by 39500 votes. While Sh Rasheed got 10,000 votes and 8 candidates contested.
In 2008 by-election Malik Shakeel Awan, PML-N had won the election by receiving 63888 votes by defeating Barrister Shaikh Danish Iftikhar (Ind) got 5020 votes, Dr. Muhammad Kamal Indep got 3109 votes.
In 2013 general election Sh Rasheed Ahmed, AML had won the election by receiving 88532 votes by defeating Malik Shakeel Awan PML-N got 75275 votes, Ch Iftikhar Ahmed PPP got 6212 votes and 22 candidates
contested for the seat.
The constituency NA-62 previous NA-55 has 452,930 registered voters including 242,330 male and 210,600 female voters, while 353 polling stations including 184 male and 169 female have been established in the
constituency while 370 presiding officers, 1747 assistant presiding officers and 874 polling officers would perform
the election duty.
A contest would be seen between Sheikh Rashid Ahmed, backed by PTI and Danyal Ch. PML-N. The only
woman candidate Sumaira Gul PPP is also in the list. MMA, TLP, Pakistan Welfare Party (PWP), and Pakistan
Awami League have issued tickets to their respective candidates to be part of the electoral process.
The constituency NA-60 previous N6-56, has 356,935 registered voters including 189,464 male and 167,471 female voters, while 329 polling stations including 157 male, 141 female and 31 combined have been established
in the constituency while 347 presiding officers,1450 assistant presiding officers and 726 polling officers would
perform the election duty.
The constituency comprises the areas like Chaklala Cantonment except Census Charges No. 4, 5 and 6.
Charges No 19, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28 of Census of Municipal Corporation and Potohar circles of Chaklala-I and
Chaklala-II are also part of it.
From this electoral area, total 8 candidates inclusive of three independent candidates are aspiring to become member of the lower house of the Parliament. In 2002, Sh. Rasheed Ahmad “Independent Candidate” (IND) won
the NA-56 with 30900 votes and Sardar Shaukat Hayat “Pakistan Peoples Party” (PPP) lost by 11100 while 7 candidates contested for the seat.
In 2008, Muhammad Haneef Abbasi, (PMLN) won the National Assembly Election with 73400 votes. And Sardar Shaukat Hayat Khan “Pakistan Peoples Party” (PPP) lost by 50700.
In 2013 Imran Khan “Pakistan Tehreek Insaf” (PTI) won the National Assembly election with 80500 votes. And Muhammad Haneef Abbasi (PMLN) lost by 13300 votes and 6 candidates contested the election and 20 candidates participated in the election.
The political analysts are viewing main contest between Sheikh Rashid Ahmed of Awami Muslim League (AML) having support of PTI with Muhammad Hanif Abassi (PML-N).
This constituency covers the areas Municipal limits of the garrison city from where total 12 contestants are in
the run including four independents.
The PML N workers and supporters claimed that Muslim League has completed a number of projects in
the city including Metro Bus,Institute of Cardiology and parks while as new voters will cast their vote in
the 2018 election as the PMLN has awarded ticket to a young candidate Danyal Chaudhry who is giving a tough
time to Sheikh Rasheed.
However, political analysts are of the view that a tough contest is expected on two seats between AML and
PML N, while the public meetings of MMA and Tehreek Labaik scheduled to held on July 14, 15 at Laiqat Bagh
respectively would also influence the voters.