Decency in parliamentary affairs to be ensured after continuity of democracy; says Fehmida

ISLAMABAD, Feb 22 (APP):Minister for Inter provincial Coordination Fehmida Mirza on Friday said that decency in parliamentary affairs should be ensured after continuity of democracy since 2008 and issues of national importance to be discussed in the Parliament rather than agitation there.

“Democratic norms should be strengthened after continuity in the
democratic process as acts like tearing bills on floor of the House were
traditions in dictator’s era,” she said while Speaking here on the floor of
National Assembly.

The minister said that the opposition members had infringed the
sanctity of the house by surrounding the dais of the speaker. She said those claiming themselves to be proponents of democratic norms should respect the office of the Speaker.

Fehmida Mirza said the process of accountability should go ahead as the democratic system and the parliament will continue functioning.
She said it is time that the parliament sends a strong and united message to India after the situation on the borders and propaganda campaign by India.

“For the first time, there are positive vibes for the country and investment is coming to the all provinces,” she said and urged the opposition parties to shun negative course and play a positive role to fully reap the dividends of the investment.

The minister said that visit of Saudi Crown Prince was very much successful and huge investment would come to Pakistan. Owing policies of the government, she said that economic situation and exports of the country were improving while current account deficit was being controlled.

She also highlighted the achievements during her tenure as Speaker National Assembly and said that she worked for the better image of the country despite struggle against cancer disease.

SAARC conference was held and the officials from various countries including Bangladesh participated in it, she maintained.
The minister requested the Chair to give equal opportunity to
each member of the House including back benchers to participate in the proceedings of the House so that they may highlight the issues of the area. The tradition of accommodating big names should not be adopted and everyone should have equal opportunity to contribute in the proceedings of the House, she maintained.

Fehmida Mirza alleged that massive rigging was made in Sindh
during general elections 2018 and her party members reached to Parliament after putting their lives at risk. She questioned as who would ensure protection to her and her family as we had been facing life threats in Sindh.

The minister said that she faced similar situation which Shaheed Benazir Bhutto faced during her struggle for democracy but those sitting on other side of aisle had neglected the struggle of the first female Speaker of this House and created rumpus during her speech.