Federal PSDP 2016-17 – Salient features


ISLAMABAD, June 3 (APP): Following are the salient features of
the Federal Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) for the year
2016-17, released by the Ministry of Planning, Development and
Reforms here on Friday:-
• Emphasis is on consolidating the PSDP and to keep the throw-forward of projects within a manageable limit
• Priority has been accorded to the power sector where a total investment worth Rs 410 billion is planned
• The second priority has been accorded to transport and communications sector with an allocation of Rs 260 billion to harness potential of regional integration
• Govt is committed to work together with the federating units in taking forward CPEC framework
• CPEC projects will enter into their second year of implementation during 2016-17
• 13 projects for development of Gwadar are also part of PSDP 2016-17 with total estimated cost of Rs 68 billion
• Six projects of Pakistan Railways, having estimated cost of Rs 3 billion, are included to support the CPEC
• An amount of Rs 1 billion is earmarked for Green
Pakistan Programme
• Rs 42 billion have been set aside for development programme in Federally Administered Tribal Areas,
Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan
• Rs 22 billion has been allocated to Higher Education Commission to set up new universities and campuses at district level
• Govt will continue to finance construction of 100 small dams in Balochistan
• SDGs and Community Development programme will continue with a total outlay of Rs 20 billion during 2016-17
• Rs 28 billion has been kept to promote balanced growth, supplement efforts of provincial governments
• Rs 100 billion allocated to enhance security and rehabilitating infrastructure to ease out resettlement of temporary displaced persons
• Rs 600 million is earmarked for national education reforms
• A total of 866 projects and programmes, with estimated cost of Rs 6 trillion, will be financed under the PSDP during 2016-17
• Prime Minister Youth and Hunarmand Programme will continue with an allocation of Rs 20 billion
• A new initiative is creation of the Special Gas Infrastructure Development Fund with an allocation of
Rs 25 billion
• On the provinces’ demand, procurement for the EPI are to be made centrally, which will be financed by the provinces