Federal Governance Score improves in 2015-2016; PILDAT


ISLAMABAD, Feb 21 (APP): Quality of Federal Governance scored 51% in  2015-2016 with Management of Inflation getting the highest score of 87.
Federal Governance Score in 2015-2016 has improved by 7 percentage points from the score of 44% in 2014-2015 Federal Governance assessment, said a press release issued here.
PILDAT Score Card Quality on Quality of Federal Governance in the third year highlighted major governance developments during 2015-2016 through a comparative analysis of the performance against various parameters and sub-parameters between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 to identify low and high performing indicators.
Improvements have been recorded in all five pillars of governance: Rule of Law, Management of the Economy, Social Indicators, Service Delivery and Administrative Effectiveness.
Of the 25 sub-divisions of pillars of governance, Above Average performance was recorded in 19 parameters (Foreign Policy Management, Autonomy of Regulatory Bodies, Clean, Efficient and Economic Public Procurements, Immunization of Children, Disaster
Preparedness and Management, Health Care, Management of Population Growth, Environment Sustainability, Management of Inflation, Management of Unemployment, Investment Friendliness, Utility Bills Collection, Electricity Production and Management, Development Programme, Collection of Taxes, Agricultural Development, National Defence, Peace, Stability and Order, Anti Corruption).
The most improvement observed in Federal Governance was in the Management of Inflation with a score of 88%.
Improvements in the management of monetary policy and the global fall in oil prices resulted in a low average rate of inflation of 2.8% in 2015-2016.
The second highest score was observed in Peace, Stability and Order (73%) owing to the increase in the number of insurgents/terrorists neutralized and third highest to Healthcare (68%) due to decreasing Infant and Maternal Mortality rates.
As the sub parameter that demonstrated the highest improvement in PILDATs assessment compared to the previous year’s Scorecard, Investment Friendliness earned a score of 67% in 2015-2016 compared to the score of 27% in 2014-2015.
This was due to an increase in the total amount of Foreign Direct Investment in Pakistan rising by 38% from US $ 922.9 million in 2014-2015 to US $ 1,281 million in 2015-2016.
The objective behind PILDAT’s initiative on assessment of the Quality of
Governance is to highlight key areas of strengths and potential areas requiring improvement in the quality of governance.