FATA’s members to be part of KP Assembly next year: Ameer Muqam

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PESHAWAR, Mar 25 (APP): Advisor to Prime Minister Engr Ameer Muqam has said after passing from the FATA reforms committee,
parliament and federal cabinet, nobody can revoke the FATA reforms
bill and next year its members will be part of Provincial Assembly
and Cabinet.
Engineer Ameer Muqam stated this on Saturday in a meeting with
Member National Assembly (MNA) from Khyber Agency Haji Shaji Gul Afridi and Khyber agency delegation here.
After bold decision of the Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, a
statement from the provincial minister on FATA’s merger is based on political point scoring and in the next general election the members
of the FATA will be part of the provincial cabinet and assembly, Ameer
Muqam said.
He said if the Prime Minister desired, the PTI could not
constitute government on wining only thirty seats in the province,
but PML-N respect the mandate of the every political party,
“The primer have respected the mandate of the FATA representatives and its residents and through the historic decision of merger made the people and region peaceful” Muqam added.
The delegation and MNA Shaji Gul Afridi have appreciated efforts of the
Engineer Ameer Muqam for the speedy process of the FATA’s merger, which would be remembered of the centuries to come.
The delegation has also asked the Advisor of the Prime minister to visit
the Khyber Agency, which was accepted by the Engineer Ameer Muqam, but the date to be announced later.